Earth-Friendly Drinking Straws

Eco-friendly Wheat Drinking Straws

Need a straw but don’t want plastic? NeoStraws is the next best thing! Made from the stems of common grasses like bamboo and wheat, NeoStraws are 100% NATURAL.

The most ECO FRIENDLY among all alternative drinking straws! As a disposable or reusable straw, you can enjoy every sip of your drink, guilt-free! They’re biodegradable & compostable! Our wide range of NeoStraws will easily breakdown like many green or organic waste. Or you can cut it as mulch in your garden. If you’re looking for zero-waste & sustainability at its best, give NeoStraws a go!

The ultimate ORGANIC straws! Our different straws are by-product of the farming industry. To make each drinking straw, the stems are washed (not only once but thrice!), sterilized and processed.

Tell us what you need, we’ve got the size & number that suits your need- from small group parties to large business. Find out which packaging you want.

Food Safe

Food Safe





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We’ve Got More Than Just Straws

Sustainable and environmental-friendly products are now in the market but which brand or product to try is something you want to consider.

We want MORE PEOPLE to BUY products that are reusable, biodegradable and easily compostable in their own backyards, that’s why our we curated products from brands that are tried and tested with 4+ star rating to guarantee that they are what every eco warrior wants.

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While we try to ensure that our NeoStraws packaging are free from plastic, our affiliates may ship their products not totally plastic-free to ensure they are not squashed or damaged during shipping especially outside Australia.