Disposable straws need not be plastic.

Wheat Drinking Straws

Need a straw but don’t want plastic? NeoStraws is the next best thing!

Made from the stems, our wheat drinking straws are 100% NATURAL.

The most ECO FRIENDLY among all alternative drinking straws! As a disposable straw, you can enjoy every sip of your drink, guilt-free! They’re biodegradable straws & compostable. It can easily breakdown like many green or organic waste. Or you can cut it as mulch in your garden. Zero-waste & sustainability at its best!

The ultimate ORGANIC straws! Our straws are by-product of wheat farming industry. To make each disposable wheat drinking straw, the stems are washed (not only once but thrice!), sterilized and processed.

Neostraws are cheaper than other brands! The reason is because our packaging is simple. We don’t want you to pay more $$$ for elaborate packaging & colorful boxes. After all, you throw away the attractive packaging & only use the straws. Makes sense, right?

We’ve got the size & number that suits your need- from small group parties to large business. Find out which packaging you want.

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Food Safe





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